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 Forum Rules!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules!   Forum Rules! Icon_minitimeTue Sep 29, 2009 9:57 am

Forumotion Rules Who's power exceeds the forum admin - so you all must obey

You cannot use the products and services, or associate them to any content or activity which might be harmful to the any individual person's private rights :

* Contents which are illegal, harmful, threatening, improper, slanderous, vulgar, obscene or ethically reprehensible
* Content which disclose personal datum that could identifies children under age of 18 or which exploit the images.

Forums that does welcome or promote warez, piracy, hacking, cracking, spamming, attacks against networks or servers, pornography, racial hatred, crimes against humanity, inappropriate activities on the servers, or any other actions which violate any applicable laws, aren't allowed. Any forum which contains texts, links, pictures, animations, videos or any other content recognized as illegal will be deleted without notice or warning. Forumotion.com reserves the right to delete any accounts or forums considered like not conform to the rules quoted here or specified in Forumotion.com or in the international website rules according to the international internet law. Any illegal content or act can or would be reported to the concerned services and prosecuted.

You acknowledge and convene that any information, code, data, text, software, music, sound, photograph, picture, graphics, video, chat, messages, feature, or any other content, if transmitted publicly or in private, are the only responsibility of the person from whom the content comes from.. This means that you are, and in any case, entirely responsible of any content that you upload/download, post, send by email or transmitted by any other way, than via the services. In none circumstance, Forumotion.com will be held responsible in any way or any content from a user or from a third-party, including but not limited, for any mistake or omission in these contents, or for any loss or damage of this kind, by the fact of the use of these contents noticed and, sent by email or transmitted in any way via the services.

These terms of service might be modified at any moment, at Forumotion.com's discretion. All accounts have to be in conformity with all changes which have been done in these policies.

Game Traffic Rules Actions/activities deemed appropriate/inappropriate by the Game Traffic Admin and Moderators

*No trolling, flaming, bullying or harassment. This includes text, messages or images. A witty zing is ok, but do not go to town on someone.
*No excessive offensive language. Even if not directed at another user, offensive vulgar language should not be used to an excess.
*No pornographic images are allowed to be linked displayed or discussed on this forum. Bikini/non nude pics of 18+ persons are acceptable in small amounts until deemed otherwise.
*Spamming is not allowed. Posts and topics which are pointless and do not offer any discussion or entertainment will be deleted and the offending user warned. Random topics and posts can be made in the Off Topic forum, but an Admin or Mod will decide if the post/topic is adding to community spirit or just spam.
*Racist, sexist and intolerant posts/topics will not be tolerated. They will be deleted and the offending user will receive a warning or be banned.
*Links and discussion relating to illegal activities such as warez, piracy and P2P programs are not allowed. If you can't talk to a police officer about it without fear of a fine or jail time... then don't discuss it here.
*Explicit sexual content and or discussion is not allowed.
*Members under the age of 18 are permitted but are warned that the target demographic for Game Traffic is 18+. Some content might be inappropriate for you, if so please notify an admin or mod and they will remove or censor the offending content.
*Play nice with the other members.
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Forum Rules!
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