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 Johnny Mongoose The Original

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Johnny Mongoose The Original '03 Hit!

They call me Johnny Mongoose...Codename: Yellow Fur.
I'm a member of the super-deadly mongoose squad!

Our enemies are the well-wicked nasty ass Snake Platoon. Their leader, Mr. Congenial Cobra is a mad scientist.

I must stop him before midnight November 22nd...or the world will crumble.

Chapter 1:

*Flying across the thread* Get down, Bandi-Bandi is near.

With the speed and dexterity of a mongoose, Johny Mongoose flew through the air like an Iraqi scud. He smacked into the dirt, mere centimeters away from Bandi-Bandi. Bandi-Bandi stood, unshaken from the landing, he black, red and white stripes glistened in the afternoon sun.
Yellow Fur lept to his feet, regaining his footing. He was troubled by his itching nipples which threw him off guard. The strike came fast, Bandi-Bandi pulled back his cold scaly lips, his fangs surging forwards slicing the air. Yellow Fur still dazed feigned retreat and ducked back in a single swift motion. Bandi-Bandi sprang forwards, dapples of deadly venom spilling from his fangs. He fell forwards and smacked the warm soil, recovering from the failed attack Bandi-Bandi coiled up preparing to strike out again.
Yellow Fur however scratched his nipples, easing the itch. He was no ready, in a single swift motion he lept forwards at Bandi-Bandi his paws held out before him. Bandi-Bandi responded with a strike, springing into Yellow Fur. Yellow Fur smacked away the diamond shaped head of Bandi-Bandi with his paws and sunk his teeth into the neck of the vile snake.
Bandi-Bandi screamed in surprise, he spun around to strike at Yellow Fur's side but was stopped when his own body went limp.
There was a horrible crunch as Yellow Fur bit deep into Bandi-Bandi, snapping his back. The snake wriggled like a stricken worm in the blistering afternoon sun as Yellow Fur ate him alive!

Johny Mongoose ambled along the golden Savannah landscape as the afternoon sun crackled above. The chorus of droning ciccadas off in the distance in the long grass sounded as Johny Mongoose clambered over a fallen log. He navigated his way up a stiff branch of the fallen tree, allowing him line of sight for mant meters. The grass whispered secrets as it swayed in a warm breeze, Johny was sure Bandi-Bandi had not traveled alone.
There came a screech from nearby, like that if a bird. Johny spun in time to catch a glimpse of a tornado of black feathers before he was knocked down to the soft golden sand below...

Yellow Fur regained his footing and peered up to identify his attacker He squited, the glare from the sun temporarily blinding him as a burst of heavy wind lapt his body.
Squawks came from above as the beating wind grew stronger, he knew his foe was a bird of some kind...but what bird would dare attack a member of the Super-Deadly Mongoose Squad?
Yellow Fur regained vision when the Raptor soared down upon him blocking the barrage of sunlight that had blinded him. Yellow Fur had but an instant to react, he tumbled to one side as he heard the scrap of the Raptor's talons slashing the soil where he had laid milliseconds earlier.
Yellow Fur sprinted off into the golden stalks of the long grass nearby, gazing out he watched the Raptor flap furiously surging into the sky like a rocket. The Bird of Prey had some quarrel with him, was it aligned with Bandi-Bandi?
Impossible! Yellow Fur thought, a bird of prey would never allign with a snake, the two are moral foes! The raptor circled the long grass where Yellow Fur had sough refuge, it knew it was unable to attack him successfully in the grass. The powerful black bird of prey flew to a nearby dead tree and landed on a branch, there it waited it's eyes darting every which way surveying and analyzing the situation.
Yellow Fur knew the raptor could wait for days without moving, and he had to return to his burrow. The thought of leaving his wife and pups alone for too long troubled him. He'd have to confront the powerful bird sooner or later.

Yellow Fur timidly crept to the fringe of the long grass, there he saw the raptor bobbing its head as it followed his movements.
"You there!" he shouted up at the bird. "What quarrel to you have with me?"
The raptor sat silently, perched upon a dead branch staring down at Yellow Fur.
"We may do this the hard way" Yellow Fur announced, "or the easy way. Which will it be?"
The raptor refused to reply yet again, bobbing its head as it extended its massive wingspan.
Yellow Fur cringed as the raptor took flight and soared down towards him screeching like a foul demon. He knew his claws and teeth were ill matched against the sabre beak and hook like claws of the raptor. He sprang forward, adrenaline surging through his body like fire. The raptor was unable to slash at him as he dodged the attack. He spun around to bite the tail of the raptor but he was too late. The bird had already shot high into the warm sky preparing for another dive. Yellow Fur bolted towards the nearby fallen log in seek of a descent defensive position.
The shrieks from the raptor slashed his eardrums as he ran, the golden sand rose as the raptors beating wingspan kicked it up. Yellow Fur closed his eyes running forwards, his eardrums suddenly sighed with relief as his fur no longer burned from the sun, he had made it inside the log. He was now in the fight of his life...

Yellow Fur sat patiently, listening to the echoing sound of the raptors wings beating. The bird screeched in anger as it circled the fallen hollow log. Yellow Fur remained unshaken, he sat and licked his paws, preparing them. As the raptor circled screeching Yellow Fur ragged his claws agains the inside of the log, dragging them against the wood, sharpening them.
He kept low, hugging the warm dry wood of the log as he crept towards an opening. The sand roared in a torrent of wind as he drew closer, the shrieks of the raptor getting louder.
He saw the razor sharp talons of the raptor as it began to ascend in front of the opening. It was going to land, Yellow Fur thought. The rounded body of the raptor came into view as Yellow Fur stood near the exit of the log, he prepared his body for attack, tightening his leg muscles.
The raptor barely touched the warm sand before it closed the lids on its eyes to keep them protected from the sand it has shaken up. Yellow Fur took the oppurtunity, springing forward howling wildly he smacked against the heavy body of bird.
The raptor sprawled onto it's back, Yellow Fur pressed his paws down on the birds wings to keep it from taking off, his small claws pressing against the birds feathers.
"fluff off!" the raptor shrieked snapping at Yellow Fur's face with it's razor sharp bladed beak.
Yellow Fur withdrew his head from the attack, waiting... When the moment was right he struck, he tiny pin teeth clamping down on the birds throat. The raptor hissed as air screamed out of its body. It rocked as best it could, its talons flailing about in the hope of catching Yellow Fur.
But the bird was subdued, Yellow Fur was unable to be injured, it's talons were behind him, its wings pinned down, he clamped his jaw down harder on the birds neck as its beak snapped and swung about above him.
Cool air shot up Yellow Fur's nostrils as he suffocated the bird, crushing it's windpipe.
The raptor struggled violently, but Yellow Fur knew it was done for. When the raptor began gasping for air as it's heavy body grew limp and lifeless Yellow Fur released his grip.
"Why did you attack!?" he demanded staring into the eyes of the fading bird of prey.
"War" the raptor gasped for air. "War is coming."
"What war?" Yellow Fur said.
"Snakes control" the raptor gasped, thick black blood gurgling in his mouth as he spoke. "Snakes control the birds."
"How?" Yellow Fur spoke, his words iron clad. "How are the snakes controlling the birds?"
"Ant hills" the raptor whimpered as its eyes rolled up.

Yellow fur stepped back, the ferocious raptor was dead, a killer combination of shock, blood loss and no oxygen the culprit. But what had the bird meant, ant hills? How could ant hills control birds? And how were the snakes using the ant hills? Was war really coming?

Chapter 2

Yellow Fur had spent the evening digging a cool, surprisingly now the sand was cool. He had buried the body of the raptor in the hole and had covered him up with cool soil. Was it possible the raptor meant not to attack him of its own free will? Could birds really be controlled by snakes with the use of ant hills. Yellow Fur desperately wanted to cross the Savannah to the ant hill city due east, but the afternoon sun was growing weary. Yellow Fur dare not leave his wife and litter alone for too long.
He set off westwards towards his burrow, the once warm air was now growing cool as the sun laid it's sleepy head against the landscape.
Yellow Fur approached the small dirt valley where at the base his burrow was situated, but as he did his footsteps slowed. There was an eerie smell in the air, the stench of decay and death. His nostrils flared as he tasted the air, it was sour and foul. Yellow Fur looked about him in the fading light. Tall eerie shadows of nearby trees towered over him.
He kept low and proceeded down the steep dirt valley towards his burrow.

He rounded a corner and froze, at the entrance of his burrow blades of golden long grass lay. Had his wife shifted the bedding outside? If so it was a wrong move, it would give off their scent. He approached his burrow timidly, his small eyes darting every which way, scanning the landscape for predators.
He crept into his burrow, darkness struck at him like a predator. He waited several moments for his eyes to dilate and focus in the darkness. After several moments he could see perfectly in the dark and continued down the long winding entrance of his burrow.
He entered the main chamber of his burrow and froze. Blades of sleek dry golden long grass had been tossed about as if a scuffle had occurred. many of the blades of grass were dappled and peppered in bright red flecks of blood. His litter and wife were nowhere to be seen.
Yellow Fur chirped for them, there came no response, just the echo of his chirps.
Yellow Fur sniffed the blades of golden long grass, his nostrils flared. His brain was a mess of images and information. He was analysing the burrow while hundreds of scenarios ran through his head. A snake took them, a bird took them a lizard took them, his wife took a snake to the den and killed it then left with the litter to teach them how to hunt.
Yellow Fur froze for an instant, his nostrils flared and he examined the cool soil of his burrow. A green dollop of poison had formed in a pin prick sized puddle, it was snakes venom. That of a viper...to be precise, Viper Red Eyes. A viper that had red eyes and was able to hypnotize creatures.
Yellow Fur spun in every which way checking for intruders. But he was alone, accompanied in his burrow by only silence.

Yellow fur smelt the stale air in his burrow one last time. The acrid odor of decay and death hung in the air. He scampered out of his burrow, abandoning his once peaceful home.
Outside the cool, moist air of the night lapt at his fur. He knew he was vulnerable by himself, he had to find somewhere safe to spend the night. In the distance the hooting of owls rang out across the silent night.
Yellow Fur scurried up out of his dirt valley and wandered across the savanah at night.
Around him the golden blades of long grass swayed in the wind, their shadows skyscrapers of darkness on the soil. The hooting of owls drew closer, Yellow Fur could hear their wings beating against the cold wind of the night.
A cold chill tip-toed up Yellow Fur's spine. His eyes, accustomed to the fading light of the full moon darted around in their sockets. He ears twitched as he listened to the sounds of the hostile world around him.
Yellow Fur's nose twitched as he smelt bird droppings nearby, he adjusted his course to stray from the scent.
He made his way across the savanah, the moon monitoring his every move. It was only at midnight that Yellow Fur reached his destination. A tall dead oak in the middle of a dust basin.
He heard the concerned chirps of meerkat sentries. He stood on his hind legs and chirped in response.
A trio of meerkats appeared at the base of the dead oak tree and bounded over to him to great him. Quite often meerkats and mongoose’s had worked together when their numbers were low.

The trio of meerkats greeted Yellow Fur in a chorus of shrill chirps. Yellow Fur returned the chirps, then followed the meerkats into the dead oak tree. Inside the oak tree ground squirrels rushed about stocking up food supplies, cataloguing the inventory. Ground squirrels often worked with meerkats, the two species sought protection by uniting their numbers. Mongoose’s are usually different, living in smaller social groups since they are better at defence, however that doesn’t mean they didn’t amalgamate into meerkat and squirrel society from time to time.
The trio of sentry meerkats marched Yellow Fur to the ONE. The leader of the meerkat society within the oak tree. The ONE was an old tired pudgy meerkat that lay on a green bed of palm fronds.
Yellow Fur bowed and introduced himself, “I am Johny Mongoose, member of the Super-Deadly Mongoose Squad, code named Yellow Fur.”
“Hmm” the ONE nodded looking intellectual. “And what brings you to my society Yellow Fur?”
“My family is missing” Yellow Fur explained, “I think it was the work of a red eyed viper.”
Every meerkat within earshot gasped and stared at Yellow Fur as if he had cursed in a foul tongue.
“Red eyed viper?” the ONE stammered, “there’s been no red eyed viper in these parts for a long time.”
“My wife and litter are missing, I found blood in my burrow and the venom from a red eyed viper.”
“Why have you encountered this misfortune” the ONE said stroking his whiskers. “Why such pain for you?”
“I have been in battle with members from the Well-Wicked Nasty Ass snake platoon, and I have slain Bandi-Bandi and a rogue raptor.”
“A raptor, why would a raptor attack a mongoose?” the ONE queried.
“War is coming” Yellow Fur announced. “The snakes are using ant hills to command the birds.”
“They control the birds!” the ONE said, his eyes wide as he leaned forwards. “The birds are the most feared predator of the meerkat society. We must fight these snakes!”
“I need two sentries to assist me in my battle, will you help me ONE?”
The one gave a nod, “we will help you avert war.”

Yellow Fur bounded out of the old dead oak tree, it's dark shadow saturating the cool soil. Behind him two meerkat sentires stood on their haunches, their heads swivling from side to side, analyzing the terrain.
Yellow Fur waved at them to follow before he bounded off under the watchful eye of the moon. Bounding out across the open plains he heard the hooting of owls ahead, the meerkats froze still and silent. Yellow Fur edged them on with supportive chirps, but they refused to venture any further.
Yellow Fur gave in and instead lead the meerkats to the river bed where there were no cries of owls. Approaching the river he heard the gurgle of water with the feint splashing of something else. He edged nearer to the river and noticed a lizard bathing itself in the cool water of the night.
Yellow Fur crept up behind the unsuspecting lizard and took a chunk out of its back with a chomp.
The lizard shrieked as it collapsed, the river washing its body down stream. Yellow Fur chewed on the chunk of flesh, crunching bones as he did, he had been hungry all day and needed a meal, a lizard had been the perfect snack.

Chapter 3

The trio set off across the river to where they found a barrage of ant hills standing proudly in the grasslands. Yellow Fur came to a halt, remembering what the raptor had told him, the snakes were using the ant hills!
Yellow Fur spun about, he informed one of the meerkats to rush back to the colony and send for reinforcements, he posted the other meerkat sentry nearby on a rock.
Yellow Fur then crept up to one of the enormous anthills that towered above him, its shadow a dark carpet leading into a small tunnel at the base of the anthill.
Yellow Fur crept into the tunnel gingerly, he followed the tunnel down some four meters before he found himself looking out over a great expanding cavern. In the cavern rows upon rows of small black snakes stood in uniform columns marching their way out a large exit in the tunnel, was this a snake army!?
Yellow Fur watched for several moments until all the small marching black snakes had exited the cavern. He noticed a snak remain, it was the Red eyed viper!
Yellow Fur watched as the red eyed viper sat curled up, its tail flicking rapidly, a low hum sounding from it. Sub sonic ultra powerful hypnotic waves Yellow Fur thought. The red eyed viper was using Sub sonic ultra powerful hypnotic waves to control the birds!
Yellow Fur leapt into the cavern and sped into the center then shouted,
"I am Yellow Fur, where is my family!?"
The red eyed viper arose with shock, it hissed at yellow fur as it slithered towards him...

Yellow Fur stood defiant as the snake slithered around him, it's red lifeless eyes staring at him. The stare of the snake was penetrating, it was tearing down his skin looking in at his soul for anything to destroy.
"Where's my family" Yellow Fur snapped, his head following the movments of the viper.
The viper shook it's dark black diamond shaped head, "never seen them before in my life."
Yellow Fur prepared to rush in to throttle the viper, but the vibrating tail of the reptile flailed in the air, taking control of him. Yellow Fur swayed as he ambled about following the tail of the red eyed viper, the snake was preparing to strike when the tail stopped momentarily for the attack.
The .5th of a second Yellow Fur was given was ample time, he scurried off to one side, the vipers attack failed.
Yellow Fur clamped his teeth down on the vipers tail, with a hard yank he ripped the reptiles lower tail off. Ripped flesh, arteries and a slither of bone remained, flailing violently as the viper hissed in aggression, fire burning in it's eyes.
Yellow Fur prepared for the counter attack, it happened. The snake sprang forwards towards him like a psychotic jack in the box, Yellow Fur felt the impact and rolled to the ground, enlocked in fierce combat with the serpent. He gained the upper hand when his nimble paws gripped the throat of the serpent, he held it down as he snorted.
"Where's my family you horrible reptile!?"
"Ssss!!" the viper hissed, its fork tongue slapping out at Yellow Fur. "They don't have a chance!"
Don't HAVE a chance, present tense. Yellow Fur thought it was possible they were still alive.
"Where are they!?" Yellow Fur snarled at the reptile, tightening his grip. "Tell me and you'll live with only a scar!"
"Your world is about to end!" the viper hissed, its eyes glowing fierce red.
"Aggh!" Yellow Fur growled, biting the viper on its left eye, then ripping back, tearing the snakes left eye out of it's socket.
"I'll ask you one last time, one final time!" Yellow Fur snarled, red blood dripping from his teeth. "Where, the, fluff, is, my family!?"
"With the python!" the viper hissed, "waiting to die!"
Yellow Fur lunged in, ripping the snakes last eye out of its socket, blood spatter went everywhere. The snake shrieked as its life violently ebbed away.

Yellow Fur stood over the lifless body of the viper, a coil of dead lifeless flesh. Around him he heard the cavern rumble and shake, dust began to rain from the ceiling. Yellow Fur scurried off out of the cavern, running up through the maze of tunnels in the anthill. After several minutes he burst out into the open, the tongue of the morning light lapping his body, warm heat weighing him down.
The night had gone...it was now morning. Yellow Fur's mind was still occupied on his family, the viper had behaved as if they had still existed and were captives held somewhere. But how would he find them?
He had other matters to take care of as well, the meerkat sentry lay a lifeless heap upon a rock nearby. Yellow Fur bounded over and nudged his ally with a cold nose.
He could smell decay and a stale stench like vomit, the meerkat was cold and lifeless, it's tiny body peppered with pin prick marks, thick foam surrounding each puncture. The army of serpents had obviously seen him and attacked, luckily for Yellow Fur he had sent the second meerkat back for reinforcements.

A rumble drew close, the small pebbles in the ground rattled around like marbles as the ground shook. Yellow Fur sniffed the air, tasting it with his nose. It smelt eerie, the smell of vomit and dried urine. Within several moments a platoon of twelve small black snakes was in view over a nearby hill. Yellow Fur could see they were not preparing to attack, instead they branched out to examine him better, were they scouts?
YES! Yellow Fur realized so when the main body of the force slithered over the hill, at first a torrent wave of black splashed down, 100 small snakes in all. Then came an endless wave of black, horrible vile serpents.
They slowly marched towards Yellow Fur, the bulk of them hissing a battle hymn of some kind, deep, vulgar and driven on by the steady beating of war drums.
Yellow Fur knew what this was...an army...built for a single purpose...to destroy the world of mammals. On a nearby rock Yellow Fur noticed a great green and gold bogan boa constrictor laughing cruelly.
"G'day mate!" the serpent laughed. "Crikey! You're all alone down there you silly little yellow fur bloke!"
Yellow Fur began to back away when he saw the Bogan Boa lick it's lips, gesturing to its stomach. Yellow Fur snarled in anger, he could see the shapes of his litter and wife inside the Bogan Boa constrictor!
"They were some good tucker!" the Boa chuckled.
Yellow Fur knew he couldn't win, he'd have to return to the old oak tree for back up. He bounded off towards the river, tears streaming down his warm cheeks.

Yellow Fur arrived at the old oak tree, the meerkats had formed a steady line out of the tree towards the hills. Several mongoose's patroled up and down their lines, checking for intruders.
Yellow Fur bounded over to, THE ONE.
"What's going on" he asked.
"war" the One said, "we cannot afford to wage open war so we will go to helmets shallow to weather such a thing."
Yellow Fur paused, "helmets shallow? is that long helms deep?"
"Yup" the One nodded. "That it is...that it is."

Chapter 4

Several hours later, the meerkats and several mongoose's had reached the gates of helmets shallow. only several warrior mongoose's patroled the front sand wall, a number of frightened meerkats occupied the wall battlements. Yellow Fur entered helmets shallow and helped the meerkats enter the cave.
"Someone's coming!" a meerkat guard shouted.
Yellow Fur went tense, were the snakes already here! he raced up to the wall battlements and heard a chirping chorus.
"That is no orc!, I mean, that is no snake battle hymn!" said Yellow Fur.
A battalion of red combat squirrels marched in through the gates of the thick sand wall.
Yellow Fur bounded down to the short sturdy, cuddley and fluffy warriors. he was greeted by their leader.
"I am Boris Red Squirrel" he announced himself. "We once had alliance, squirrels and mongoose's, we are here to honour that alliance."
Yellow Fur shook his paw and smiled, "we thank you for your arrival."
"Too bad, the rest of your people the mongoose's are not here, da?" Boris Red Squirrel said.
"Yes" Yellow Fur nodded, "we of gondor, I mean, we mongoose's are divided and leaderless."
"da, comrade" Boris Red Squirrel nodded.
Boris red squirrel chirped, gesturing to his battalion, they scurried up to the battlements of the sand wall, their bushy tails swaying in the wind. Boris red squirrel followed them up to the wall and cracked his knuckles.
"SNAKES!" a meerkat sentry posted high shrieked.
"squirrels, prepare!" boris said, the squirrels held their bushy tails in their paws. "Squirrels retrieve!" Boris said.
The squirrels reached into their bushy orange tails and each removed a long mosin nagant rifle, loaded it and stood it to their side.
"We finish this now" Boris Red Squirrel chuckled adjusting his red cap. "Comrades...prepare!"

The thick black columns of snakes shook the earth as they marched; they halted mere meters away from the sand wall of helmets shallow.
“Hold it mate!” the Bogan Boa belched. “Don’t get too close to these pooftas!”
“READY!” Red Squirrel shouted.
His squirrels took aim with their tiny squirrel sized armaments.
“Oi, ready!” Bogan Boa ordered.
“Fire!” cried Red Squirrel.
A lethal volley of lead streaked through the air with a medieval hiss, the front row of black snack warriors collapsed.
“Fire!” bellowed the Bogan Boa.
Hidden beneath the second rank of snakes, a troop of taipans popped up, hurling their stubbies at the squirrels. Some stubbies smashed into the squirrels knocking them from their post, other stubbies shattered upon the sand wall, the shards of glass splashing into the squirrels.
“Re-load!” Boris Red Squirrel demanded.
“Release the boomerangs!” Bogan Boa ordered.
Unseen to the squirrels the third row of snakes had been issued boomerangs. They delivered the weapon with a powerful twist, ensuring maximum devastation. The boomerangs sizzled the air as they shot forwards, the front row of squirrels fell upon impact. The returning weapon was just as dangerous, numerous meerkats were sliced in two when the weapon returned to their serpent masters.
Yellow Fur stared into the eyes of a meerkat, tears streamed down the creatures fury cheeks as it’s intestines spilt from its tiny body. The tiny slain creature fell from an obersvation post, a wash of blood and guts tumbling after.
“Fire!” the lead squirrel bellowed.
The squirrels fired a second volley from their rifles into the snakes, the second row of snakes (stubby throwers) fell immediately. Their twisted bodies wriggled as they shrieked in pain, dying a slow death.
“Oi ya phuking poofta!” Bogan Boa yelped. “You a phuking drongo?”
“Give them a volley!” the ONE announced.
A troop of meerkats set up along the wall battlements hurled stones at the snakes, doing their best to suppress them.
“Release Bruno!” the Boa shrieked.
With a violent thrash several black snakes flew into the air as a massive black crocodile stomped out. The beast charged the sandwall of helmets shallow, upon impact the might beasts scaled body crushed 1/3 of the wall.
“Prepare for hand to hand!” Boris the squirrel shouted, removing a bayonet from his bushy tail and locking it onto his rifle.
The few remaining squirrels did the same, attaching their bayonets. There came a second crash as the mighty crocodile smacked its tail against the sandwall of the helmets shallow, the wall now 2/3 destroyed.
“Show them no mercy, for you shalt receive none!” Yellow Fur bellowed clambering up atop a battlement in the sandwall.
“Serpents!” Boa yelped, “CHARGE!”
With the last powerful whip of the crocodiles tail, the sand wall toppled, several meerkats disappearing with the dusty debris. Time slowed, if only for an instant when the wall collapsed, a barrage of black snakes, white teeth gleaming washed into the meerkat fortress like a thick vile black wave of evil.
A line of squirrels met the snakes with a crash, their bayonets piercing the scales of the first serpents. The wounded snakes hissed in pain, but the second wave sunk their gleeming white fangs deep into the squirrels, tearing the soft flesh from the bone.
“NO, COMRADES!” Boris red squirrel shouted, he leapt from his battlement down upon the forehead of the crocodile. With a lightning fast move he thrust his bayonet into the skull of the massive reptile, the creature roared in pain, the wind from its mouth knocking over a line of meerkat warriors.
“Boomerangs fire!” Bogan Boa ordered.
A second barrage of boomerangs soared through the air dismembering many meerkat warriors and ending the lives of all the remaining squirrels. Yellow Fur saw Boris Red Squirrel shriek, he held his throat as blood sprayed high into the air. He gurgled as he slowly drowned on his own blood before he toppled to the ground, he smacked the soil hard, he staggered to his feet, blood spraying everywhere, a giant scaly foot crashed down upon him, crushing him, the crocodile had stomped him.
“They are too many!” the ONE shrieked turning to flee, “we’ve no chance of survival!”
“Ride out and meet them!” Yellow Fur begged.
“You phuking stoopid!?” the One shrieked running away.
“Oi poofta!” the boa chuckled, “where’s your army dude…dude where’s army!”

The meerkats turned and began to flee the fort, scurrying off like cockroaches into the cave system. Several mongoose's were battling it out with thick serpents, engaged in a deadly ballet of poisonous fangs and razor sharp teeth and claws. The squirrels had been wiped out by now, the thick black wave of reptilian evil lurching forwards into the fortress, only scattered mongoose soldiers barely staying alive.
A small black snake slithered up to Yellow Fur, and hissed, without thinking twice Yellow Fur swiped at it.
The tiny snakes head ripped out of its spinal assembly, sailing through the air before tumbling along the warm desrert sand some meters away. Yellow Fur felt the hot sun bombard him with radiation, it was so hot and humid that fighting was a test of will. Yellow Fur did what he could, wading into the black sea he slashed at the hissing faces of a pre-matrue snake army, their legions never ending. His paws were soaked in the warm red blood of his victims, his body exhausted from battle, few mongoose soldiers remained now, most meerkats had already fled.
The waves of smaller black snakes had now stopped, their tiny wriggling bodies lay everywhere. The crocodile warrior, wounded seriously had ambled back behind the Bogan Boa to receive medial attention, it seemed the second wave of large black snakes had not yet been launched.
Yellow Fur and the few survivors stood, their fur enduring the heat. Before them an endless sea of black snakes in precsision rows and columns formed.
In the back of his mind Yellow Fur held a debate with himself, part of him believed he would die with the next wave, the other part truely believed he was an indestructable force. The surviving mongoose soldiers limped and staggered over to Yellow Fur, keeping a tight formation. They each were exhausted, drenched in dry blood and gasped for air.
"What can we do against such hatred?" one of them gasped.
Yellow Fur turned to face the questioning mongoose, "we can fight until there's none of us left."
"And so be it" another mongoose said, standing to attention and beating his hind legs.
Like a domino effect the few remaining mongoose warrior stood in tight formation, standing tall beating their feet against the warm earth, the noise growing louder and louder.
"A company march!" the lead mongoose snapped.
A small square formation of 6 mongoose soldiers slowly wandered forwards towards the snakes.
"B Company march!" the lead mongoose shouted.
Again a small square detachment of 6 warriors slowly marched forwards.
"C company, offensive movement forward!" the mongoose ordered.
The last square column of mongoose soldiers (12 in total) kept low, as if ready to pounce and slowly crept forwards.
Yellow Fur followed the main body, marching with them, drawing closer and closer to the snake legions.

"Oi, what are you pooftas up to?" Bogan Boa said raising his head. "Oi, you gunna charge us with your tiny army, you fair dinkum?"
The front line of snakes stood to attention and prepared to hold their ground. They readied themselves to strike, coiling their springs.

The mongoose army was meters away when Boa shouted, "CHARGE!" at the same time the head mongoose officer shouted, "RETREAT!"
In a lightning move the mongoose army 180'd and ran back to the fortress, the snakes in close pursuit. When the mongoose army was back inside the crumbling walls the lead mongoose shouted, "CHARGE!"
The mongoose army turned and met the assaulting snakes, the snakes froze in shook, unaware of the danger. They were preoccupied with their attack posture that none of them was prepared to defend should the mongoose army attack. The snakes found it difficult to move as the bodies of smaller snakes littered the soil, with a wave of heat and screams the mongoose army fell upon them like a ferocious breeze.
The snakes were torn to pieces, shrieking as they wriggled, their bodies mangled, blood splurted into the sky in a crimson ballet, the mongoose warriors were tearing apart the snake legion with ease.

Chapter 5

The barrage of thick black warrior snakes fell, one after another. The mongoose moved among them, slashing them apart, tearing them down like tall poppy's. Yellow Fur pushed his exhausted body to the limit, his muscles burned intensely as the battle progressed. Every 20 minutes or so a mongoose would eventually be killed, the massive assault of snakes outnumbering them 100's to one.
Black wriggling bodies lay strewn everywhere, the serpents howled in pain as their lives ebbed away, whether it be quickly or slowly. Yellow Fur collapsed, exhausted, surrounding him were three surviving mongoose soldiers, the battle had ended.
Around him Yellow Fur heard the grunts and groans of dying serpents. The destroyed fortress was painted in warm red blood, the floors paved with the bodies of the dead.

"what the phuk?" the Bogan Boa snorted. "Me bloody army's gone walkabout!"
The thock yellow spotted snake slithered away, leaving the once wounded now dead crocodile behind. He had lost his battle, ants now waged war on the beasts army, they nibbled the soft tender flesh of his eyelids, before tunneling their way under the robust armor of the creature.
"You're a d!ckhead mate!" the Bogan Boa said slithering towards Yellow Fur, "In fact, you're a bloody poofta!"
The remaining three mongoose warriors rushed the Bogan Boa.
"Piss off ya nunce" Boa yapped slapping the tiny mammals away with his powerful tail.
They went flying against the sandbrick wall of the fortress, howling as they craddled shattered limbs abd busted internal organs. Yellow Fur was exhausted, but he knew he had to fight, his body was onfire with adrenaline, but his muscles had burnt up all of their energy, he could feel the meat on his body tearing and dissipating.
"You're a phuking poofta!" Boa said wrapping himself around Yellow Fur tightening his grip, squeezing the air out of the tiny mammals burning lungs. "I ate ya family, now I'm gunna eat you, after all you little blokes taste just like puka pies."
Yellow Fur, didn't struggle at all, he knew his time had come, he peered up at the snake with submissive eyes. "If you're going to eat me, may as well eat me alive, I deserve to suffer slowly for failing.
"Pffft, righto mate" the Boa shrugged before adjusting his jaws, loosening them.

Yellow Fur closed his eyes as the snake swallowed him whole, he felt it's muscles working him down towards the stomach. He knew it was over, he had nothing to live for anyways, his litter and wife were dead, and he'd soon share the same fate as them, then he could be at peace with himself.

Minutes passed, Yellow Fur sat curled up in the massive snakes stomach, the decaying bodies of his family surrounding him, he was blaming himself for their misfortune when something happened, something extraordinary. He noticed his wife and children had pin prick marks in their necks...the same marks of a mongoose. His wife however had a slash at her throat, from a claw. His wife had bitten his litter before the snake had consumed them, she had then slashed her own throat so she would not give the snake the pleasure of eating them.

Yellow Fur snapped, his once aching muscles tightened so much he heard them scrunch, his breathing intensified, his nostrils flared, never will I stop fighting

Bogan Boa was about to take a sip of a coldie to wash down the Yellow Rodent when his stomach pulsated, the scales broke apart, his body splitting. The mongoose stood, standing in the snakes busted stomach gripping the Boa by it's throat.
Yellow Fur strangled the snake as he pulled it's head to his, he forced its forehead against his own with such strength it hurt himself, but he could see the snakes black eyes bulging in pain.
"You forgot to say grace" Yellow Fur snarled before he tore the Bogan Boa's head off its thick yellow body.

Yellow Fur stepped away from the slain Bogan Boa's body, the foul smell of decay assaulting his flaring nostrils. Around the bodies of the dead piled up towards the night sky, mountains of death.
He limped his way back to Helmets Shallow, many of the meerkats had now wandered out from hiding, they hoped about jittery, weary of danger.
The One ambled his way over to Yellow Fur, gave a bow and mumbled something about being a saviour.
Yellow Fur was in no mood for such tactless talk and turned his back on the One to wander away. Had the world been saved, was everything going to be alright now?
He had defeated the snake army, defeated Bogan Boa, defeated a Raptor, defeated Bandi-Bandi and defeated the Red Eyed Viper...who else was there to nail next apart from the dark snake king (King Cobra)
The king had not personally attacked his family either, so he was not a target of Yellow Fur's. For Yellow Fur it was over, he had won his battle and had lost his war, he was a broken mammal.

The dark night sky overhanging cackled with laughter as thunder echoed across the landscape. Patches of bright lightning penetrated the black viscous clouds as the heavy rains began to fall, washing away the death below.


"Sir" Bandi-1 said gazing out over Helmets Shallow. "The decoy went according to plan."
"Excsssssellent" a vile voice hissed over Bandi 1's radio ear piece. "Report back to the submarine for missssssile launch."
"Yes sir"

*suspenseful music DA DA DAA!!!!*

f( ;.;)f
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D= Moar!
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The suspense..... it's killing me.
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I don't like the Bogan Boa. He reminds me of all the bogans in Adelaide Sad
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